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Apparel Stockroom

Managing Your Apparel Stockroom Inventory Efficiently - Maximising Retail Sales

Your apparel stockroom is the organisational centre of your retail business. If you’re like most retail operators, you are always struggling to make the best of your limited storage space. You’re trying to maximise existing space without adding expensive square footage. You’re also attempting to improve your stockroom efficiency and raise your bottom line. However, if your stockroom isn’t efficiently organised, that can lead to chaos that spreads out to your retail floor.

Choosing the right stockroom layout is pivotal to gaining efficiencies in your business. Our design team works with you to design the space with consideration to:

Once these questions are answered, a layout can be designed to support your retail business. For example, in the same way, you have a well designed store layout to encourage customers to walk certain ways and engage with your products; the same principles apply to creating a stockroom layout. In addition, you potentially can enhance store performance simply by rearranging product shelving and storage.

Our no-bolt shelving system provides you with the ability to create the right stockroom shelving and hanging system for your businesses apparel stockroom.

With complete flexibility, you can:

For larger locations, mezzanine floors can be added where space permits.

An apparel stockroom is not static. They are highly dynamic places with lots of inventory changes throughout each year. With the complete flexibility of the system, your team can change the entire mix of available space in a matter of minutes to absorb inventory swells and business growth and avoid overcrowding and pile-ups.

Contact us to discuss how you can maximise your storage capacity with a fit for purpose shelving or racking system for your apparel stockroom.