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Automotive Parts Storage

Efficiently Organised Automotive Parts Increases Service Standards

Automotive dealerships and retailers manage large parts and equipment inventories requiring adaptive shelving and storage areas to efficiently manage their inventory.

Automotive dealerships require their automotive parts divisions to be profit centres and capable of providing required parts immediately to service vehicles. A parts department that maximises the return on expensive floor space contributes to the efficiency of the entire dealership.

Automotive Retailers have similar demands including being a profit centre, and efficiencies for locating stock items and providing responsive customer service.

Bowen Stockroom can assist you in planning an automotive parts storage system that will meet both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s growth, maximising the use of the available floor space. We can conduct a site survey service, and our expert designers can assist you in achieving a layout that will deliver the highest returns per square metre. Plus, the flexibility to absorb new parts when they are added to the inventory.

Our modular system ensures that all floor and vertical areas are utilised, and there are no dead corners or inefficient access to parts and equipment. This lowers the risk of personnel spending excess time searching for parts to finish the repair or service. In addition, the modular specifically designed system can be installed turnkey ready for immediate stocking.

The shelving system provides you with everything from small parts bins, wheel racks, and modular drawers to a broad range of units for storing sheet metal, including multi-level systems.

Small Parts Shelving

Designed for automotive, the clip-in shelves and sliding dividers adjust easily to match changing inventory volumes and SKUs. This organised system allows components to remain in proper sequence so they can be quickly identified and retrieved. As a result, inventory control increases, and parts personnel are more efficient.

Bulky Items

The strong and durable shelving is ideal for storing large, heavy or bulky parts. With the easily adjustable shelves and accessories, changes can be made without sacrificing the strength of the racking system.

Shelving for panels and tyres

Automotive shelving storage systems offer areas for storing large items -such as panels or tyres. They are strong, versatile, easy to assemble and economical. Specialty racks are available for storing bumpers, fenders, doors and hoods. Hanging parts racks utilise sliding J-Hooks on a rail system for flexible storage of mufflers, mouldings, mats, and other hard-to-store items.

Long Parts & Mouldings 

We provide several solutions to store and protect long automotive parts and fragile mouldings. Included are vertical bins for awkward parts and short mouldings, horizontal racks for longer mouldings and for the usually troublesome wheelhouse mouldings and combination units. All units keep long parts and expensive mouldings neatly organised while protecting them against potential damage.

Heavy Duty Drawers & Cabinets

Drawers can modernise and significantly improve the storage space efficiency of new or existing shelving units. Heavy duty drawers combine the flexibility of shelving with the high-density storage advantages of drawers.

Contact us to discuss how you can maximise your storage capacity with a fit for purpose storage solution for automotive parts.