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Bulky Goods Storage

Your Bulky Goods Storage Challenges are Solved

Whether hand-loaded bulky goods or pallet racking for white goods, homewares and other machine loaded items, we have you covered.

Hand loaded bulky goods storage

For many businesses, bulky goods storage becomes problematic as their stockroom shelving is limited in its design to hold such items. They are a small percentage of the overall inventory holding.

Without the right shelving and storage systems, these bulky items are destined to be stacked on the floor, cluttering aisles and becoming a health and safety issue. In addition, the bulky items are difficult to sort through and finding specific inventory items for customers only adds to the overall frustration.

Our shelving systems have design capability for hand loading of bulky items, cartons, supplies and tools that require rugged, high strength racks in areas where powered lift equipment is not used.

Our design consultants can review your current stockroom area and find additional room for your inventory and the correct fixtures for bulky goods storage. 

The system’s flexibility allows for incremental adjustment of shelving heights and spacings. As a result, we have the largest range of height and width in racking, ensuring that no space is left unutilised.

The boltless system allows for fast installation, and immediate changes to spaces through the quick lock-in of shelves, special hanging areas for items like spare parts, automotive items and supplies for outdoor sports.

Made of galvanised CE rated steel, the system’s flexibility allows for almost any item to be safely stored in a highly organised stockroom layout minimising the risk of accidents and lost time.

Machine loaded bulky goods storage

Our pallet racking systems for machine-loaded inventory for retailers of bulky white goods, homewares, and other heavy items are your best solution. With over 30 years of experience in warehouse storage, we can provide you with the right pallet racking design and functionality to manage your bulky goods inventory.

Contact us to discuss how you can maximise your storage capacity with a fit for purpose bulky goods storage shelving or racking system.