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Compactus Shelving

Compactus Shelving - more storage and less floorspace

Compactus shelving has quickly become an industry standard when high-density storage is required in a limited footprint, with the possibility to double the storage capacity of traditional static shelving solutions.

Commonly used in office, library, and pharmaceutical environments, compactus units are also used extensively in the stockroom, warehouse, and industrial environments for increasing storage.

The shelving units are mounted on mobile bases, which travel along compact rails. The smooth operation of the units ensure ease of access throughout the entire system, making picking and replenishment simple

Our compactus system is ideal for many storage applications, including footwear, apparel (both hanging and flat packed garments) archives, small parts, tools, boxes, and much more. The compactus system is designed to sit on top of level carpet or solid flooring. 

Compactus Shelving Units make the most of limited floor space, using 30% less area than traditional static shelving

The Compactus Shelving units are available in two different configurations:

  1. Manually Operated – used in a single or multi-bay width with a low-profile track.
  2. Mechanically assisted – designed with an ergonomic handwheel to reduce wrist movement and ensure ease of movement where the overall weight of the shelving and stock is higher.

The bases are fully adjustable for height and level, allowing the fabricated mobile trolleys to effortlessly glide on case hardened bearings for quiet and smooth operation.

Fast Facts:

Shelving Heights: 1972mm, 2500mm 3028mm 3424mm(Add 155mm for overall unit height); custom heights also available to suit specific requirements
Shelving Widths: 600mm, 900mm, 1080mm, 1200mm, 1350mm 1500mm 1650mm
Shelf Depths: 320mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm

A Compactus shelving system can increase your stockroom volume and improve efficiencies in storage.

Contact us to discuss how you can maximise your storage capacity with a fit for purpose shelving system.