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Coolroom and Freezer Shelving

Coolroom and Freezer Shelving designed for storing all products

The Coolroom and Freezer Shelving system is ideal for food and beverage storage rooms. The storage units are suited to cold storage, restaurant kitchens, supermarkets, liquor stores, cafes, and other businesses that store foodstuffs for human consumption.

The sturdy, boltless shelving system provides a versatile system maximising all areas of your space with the ability to be configured into many different designs and shelving requirements. You can use all corners and heights within your dedicated space for this hand-loading shelving solution.

The shelving system is available in various finishes, including mesh, flat steel and plastic, and can be quickly removed for easy cleaning. The system is ideal for retaining airflow around products. It is the optimum product for storing dry products or items stored in boxes or are well sealed. Shelving design can include specific areas where the likelihood of spillage containment of liquid products may occur.

The frames are made of galvanised steel, ensuring the shelving system’s durability and protection against corrosion. The shelving is provided in a range of different grades. Food grade plastic perforated shelf panels are available in 4 depths from 320mm to 600mm deep. Plastic shelf panels are stocked in blue for above 0°C use, and green shelves for subzero use (using specially formulated plastic to resist embrittlement in freezer environments).

You have the convenience of changing the shelving configuration with just a clip in approach, providing you with the flexibility to change spacing as your stock requirements fluctuate or new SKUs arrive.

Bowen Stockroom Solutions brings 30 years of experience in the shelving storage industry. We provide you with a coolroom and freezer shelving system that has undergone rigorous testing, and you are installing the very best quality available. The shelving holds up to 200kgs per shelf level. We provide a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s designed to last a lifetime.

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