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eCommerce Fulfilment

Designing Efficient eCommerce Fulfilment Storage For Productivity

The rise of eCommerce is changing how companies manage their inventory as many retailers now operate separate sites or allocate larger areas for their eCommerce fulfilment solutions. These solutions must provide employee efficiencies plus space saving solutions and manage ever-changing inventory profiles. They are a profit centre for the business.

Shelving and racking are an important part of all e-commerce fulfilment centres. We provide a complete solution to cover even the most diverse of product ranges. Our designers can work with you to design a layout that meets business and efficiency needs.

Our versatile boltless shelving system has the greatest number of bay widths, lengths and heights compared to any other eCommerce fulfilment system on the market. It is proving the optimum storage solution for distribution centres and fulfilment operations.

The shelf beams and common upright posts give excellent clear-entry access to every shelf and are easily adjustable to suit an ever-changing stock profile. The storage system is extremely strong and durable, made from CE rated galvanised steel. With the easy clip system, it easily accepts a variety of shelf types, garment rails and even intermediate workbenches or packing stations.

For efficiencies in your distribution centres or eCommerce fulfilment facility, we provide a selection of order picking and storage products.

Mobile Containers & Trolleys for Order Fulfilment

Moving products around within an eCommerce fulfilment facility is important to get right. For example, having the right selection of trolleys and mobile storage containers can significantly increase order fulfilment speed.

The use of large plastic storage tubs mounted on castor wheels to move products from storage to processing benches, and these have excellent storage capacity – meaning fewer trips to the storage aisles.

Another alternative is self-levelling trolleys, these cleverly designed trolleys have a spring-loaded base section that drops as more weight is added. The self-levelling trolley means staff no longer need to bend over into the bays to gather the products – meaning fewer backache complaints and quicker order picking.

Fulfilment Centre Waste Bins

The inevitable waste from warehouse operations is often causing concern for eCommerce fulfilment & distribution centres. With inwards goods, every box that is opened creates cardboard, strapping, plastic bags and other packing waste that needs to be dealt with correctly.

Waste bins can provide an efficient method of keeping rubbish off of the floor and maintaining clear shelving aisles. Plastic wheelie bins are an efficient way of ensuring personnel can always locate somewhere to dispose of waste packaging. Placed in key locations (for example at the end of racking) they reduce lost time without impacting too much on floor space. There are also larger, more industrial-sized bins that hold larger volumes of waste and are ideal for those requiring a more centralised waste location.

Contact us to discuss how you can maximise your storage capacity with a fit for purpose shelving or racking system
for your eCommerce fulfilment centre.