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Footwear Shelving

Footwear Shelving Maximising the Volume of Inventory

Stockroom shelving for storing footwear in retail stockrooms requires careful design considerations to maximise storage capacity in the stockroom area. A well-designed stockroom for footwear shelving often requires doing more with a less-than-optimal location and space shortage.

Footwear stores need to avoid a poorly designed or neglected stockroom as they quickly become untidy, and finding merchandise can be difficult, ultimately affecting the business’s goal of providing good customer service.

Our design team can assist you with a layout that can improve customer service levels and reduce inventory shrinkage resulting from damaged or misplaced items. As a result, even the smallest stockroom can benefit from efficient management.

Footwear stockrooms require specifically designed specialist footwear shelving.

Bowen Stockroom’s modular shelving system offers a class-leading stockroom solution designed around specific shoe box sizes. This design flexibility provides practical and cost-effective shoe racking to optimise your stockroom storage areas.

Typically, stockroom footwear shelving is normally constructed at 700mm deep for standard shoe boxes to be stored in a double depth configuration whilst also providing the option of larger boot boxes to be held on the same shelf.

The single depth shoe shelves are normally built to a size of 300mm deep, 400 or 500mm depths and are perfect for smaller stockrooms. For those requiring to store larger shoe boxes and other stock items, other sizes can also be specified if required.

Bowen Stockrooms shoe box racking is available in various heights to make full use of all the open shelving space. The shelf gaps for retail shoe storage are typically set at 525mm to hold up to five ladies or four men’s shoe boxes in height.

Using 3m high shoe racking in several long runs creates a high-density shoe storage solution that is split into easy access sections for quick stock retrieval.

Contact us to discuss how you can maximise your storage capacity with a fit for purpose footwear shelving or racking system.