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Garment Hanging

Garment Hanging With Flexibility of Rung Heights and Spacing

Having sufficient space and flexibility to store garments in a stockroom is important to maximise customer sales. Products need to be accessible to staff quickly, not require pressing from being crushed and be sale ready at any time. Garment hanging is an important component of your achieving this.

Our stockroom storage solutions include specifically designed sections for storing garments. The heavy-duty hanging rails are designed to keep apparel organised and decrease the risk of damage whilst optimising stockroom floor space where you often have limited foot space available. You can also incorporate shelves below or above within the hanging sections, maximising the space’s use.

The system’s flexibility allows staff to quickly change hanging rail positions to accommodate the length of the garments and can include double rails for the hanging of smaller items. This flexibility to continually alter the garment hanging rails is ideal for the changing SKUs held in stockrooms over the year’s four seasons.

The Bowen Stockroom shelving incorporating the garment hanging rails is a bolt free system providing great strength and durability. It can be reconfigured easily without any tools to quickly change space and hang rail space allocation. The versatility of garment hanging rails within the shelving system gives it the ability to be easily extended to match your business growth or expansion in the future. In addition, the shelving design can be completed on a single or double-sided basis, increasing the usage of space.

If you have limited foot space and provided you have additional head room, the system can be built into two tiers, up to 5 metres high. Hence, the adaptable two-tier shelving system can incorporate staircases, suspended walkways and handrails. The purpose of such a structure is to maximise the available headroom without the need for specialist access equipment.

With its hard wearing and bright zinc-coated steel finish, this cost-effective shelving system is at home in any environment. With a wide range of depths & widths available, it offers a fully flexible storage solution utilising all corner spaces.

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