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High Rise Shelving

Put your Vertical Space to Work with High Rise Shelving

Multi-level storage is the ultimate solution for any stockroom or large space with a high ceiling to utilise all available storage space. The high rise shelving solution is designed to be constructed to meet different heights; this can be two or three times the usual shelving heights. The shelving is extensively used in suspended walkway systems.

It is structurally sound with CE marked galvanised steel, the highest rating of shelving available. The interlocking system provides the strength and robustness to support stock weighing up to200 kgs per shelf on all shelving levels.

High rise shelving utilises Narrow and Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) and is generally serviced by stock pickers or team members. These units operate in aisles not much wider than the load itself and allow people to move through the aisles to collect items easily. In addition, the minimised aisle widths increase net area utilisation within the building.

There are usually significant savings in floor space, maximising the inventory levels in the stockroom or storage areas. In addition, high rise shelving offers a greater capacity in a limited space without losing the advantages of having direct access to any shelf.

We can assist you in designing the most economical option that suits the way your business operates, whether it’s a catwalk installed between high rise shelving, a free-standing mezzanine or a shelf-supported mezzanine. There is virtually no limit to how efficiently you can use your untapped vertical space!

The higher storage levels can be accessed with a rolling ladder or from a mezzanine access area via staircases. The construction of high rise shelving is ideal for lower throughput stock with capability for bulk capacity.

Theoretically, the shelving components are constructed as long span shelving to provide an excellent storage solution. This system offers the best combination of space usage & unrestricted access to stock.

Fast Facts:

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