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Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving – when volume storage matters.

Long span shelving, or wide span shelving, is designed to effectively store small and larger light components and cartons. It is a lightweight shelving system with exceptional strength and is ideal for hand-loaded stock.

Long span shelving is a preferred solution for workshops and some retail stockrooms due to adjustable height and configuration flexibility. It is simple to adjust the heights and configurations to fit your changing stock profile and volume needs. The shelving can also be created as a two-tier storage system that efficiently uses available headroom or airspace over standard shelving heights.

As a versatile storage system, the long span shelves can extend up to a length of 2.4m and have a shelf depth of 1.2m front to back. The beams are designed to take 18mm thick chipboard, mesh or steel panels to provide a flush finish. Supplied in a great modular design, it is fast to assemble with no bolts required, and changes can be made at any time by team members in a matter of minutes.

The long span shelving system has earned its reputation of versatility in other installations like archive storage. The clear span areas with adjustable heights and the ability to place dividers in custom sizes ensure fast and easy access to archived records.

Long span shelving is extremely flexible regarding its height, width and maximum storage load, allowing us to design and install a system specifically for your requirements. In addition, the shelving systems have been carefully designed and tested to ensure they meet the industry’s relevant operational and safety standards.

Fast Facts:

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