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Order Picking Ladders

Order Picking Ladders Increasing Accessibility to Stock

Order Picking Ladders are purpose-built ladders for use in stockrooms and eCommerce fulfilment centres to pick orders from shelving through to large racking systems. With various ladder styles to fit your specific requirements, you can rely on them to provide safety for your team members whilst picking stock items and operating to OHS standards.

Platform Ladders

The ideal order picking ladders in stockrooms with higher shelving levels and fulfilment centres with large racking areas. The platform ladder has a vertical back, allowing the person to stand very close to the shelf to reach inventory without overreaching easily. In addition, the platform size is large for comfort and safety while working on the ladder. 

The platform ladders are suited to high-frequency use. The aluminium ladder is light and portable with 125mm wheels and easy glide action. The 100mm deep treads improve the user’s safety and comfort when climbing the platform and have a manually operated braking system. The platform has a walk-through design for order picking and access to mezzanine floors and higher shelving. The toe board on three sides of the platform assists in securing tools and accessories when on the platform, along with the order picking shelf. The platform has a heavy-duty load capacity of 150kg and is made to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1892.1

Slimline Platform Ladder

Slimline platform order picking ladders are ideal for use in retail shops and storage areas where there is no need for high-frequency use. They have a compact design, requiring only a little storage space and can also fit into narrow aisles in stockrooms as it closes down to 40mm thick. In addition, this lightweight ladder can be easily carried around.

Slimline ladders are available in 2-8 step options reaching 3.4m height. With an industrial load rating of 120kg and up to 150kg for the taller options, this ladder is made from a durable structural grade high tensile aluminium providing strength whilst remaining lightweight. In addition, the aluminium has been anodised for better corrosion resistance and lower retention of grime and dirt.

The slimline platform ladder is a handy and reliable ladder with anti-slip rubber feet for safety and anti-slip step treads. It conforms to Australian standards AS/NZS 1892.1:19 and has a twelve-month warranty.

Kik Steps

There are items kept high on shelves for many stockrooms that are just out of reach for some people. To have order picking ladders is not feasible, particularly in confined stockrooms with standard height racking. The Kik Step is the ideal solution for inventory that is just out of reach to avoid team members climbing on racking and putting themselves in danger.

The solid steel construction holds up to 225kg and has a non-slip rubber mat surface to reduce the risk of slipping or falling. In addition, the retractable castor rollers make the step easy to move around, and they lock down instantly when stepped on. This stops the need for people to remember to lock the Kik Step before stepping up and increases personnel safety.

The step is 350mm high with a base of 400mm. The top diameter is 290mm with an overall weight of 4.5kg. Finished in a scratch-resistant powder coating and wrap-around bumpers protects your lower stock and racking, along with walls and furniture.

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