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Pigeonhole Shelving

Pigeonhole shelving for organised stock management.

Staying organised and holding sufficient stock within retail stockrooms and general storage areas can be a challenge. Typically working with limited space, stock items, or SKU’s can be going out as fast as they come in. It can also be difficult for team members to find items quickly when serving customers. Pigeonhole shelving is one of the best methods of organising garment stock.

For garment stock, the ability to segment SKUs in size and colour to be easily accessible is pivotal to managing the stock flow and reducing picking errors. In addition, the ability for your team to change shelf configurations quickly as stock volume and items change is important.

Bowen Stockroom’s boltless shelving system was created to satisfy the needs of hand loaded storage requirements. The pigeonhole shelving not only provides a stable, strong and durable structure for your items but also gives the right-sized individual storage compartments through the ease and swiftness that shelves can be repositioned.

The shelving has adjustable height levels with galvanised finished shelves, allowing you to create taller or lower pigeonholes for your most popular or larger stock items in each section. In addition, the galvanised dividers easily slide to make the right-sized space for your SKUs ensuring no space is wasted.

With the galvanised finish, you ensure product durability and corrosion protection. In addition, shelving can be powder-coated in your brand colours.

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