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Storage Bins

Storage Bins and Crates for Endless Different Uses

Stockrooms across the country have the need for storage bins and crates that can hold a myriad of different products and have many uses. The Stok-Pak storage bins provide you with the most flexible range of bins suitable for small items in eCommerce sales and stock despatch preparation through small parts storage, food storage, materials handling crates, industrial and automotive use.

Made from strong, durable polypropylene material for longer working life, they are food safe and hospital grade materials. In addition, they are available in multiple colour options for coding and labelling.

Manufactured in Australia, these storage bins give you the variety of options needed to manage needs. They are stackable and available in bucket or tray variations.

Storage Bins

The storage bins can sit on shelves, benches, or stack them or clip them to louvre panels. The angled front access provides clear visibility and easy picking of stock. They are all self-stacking, both loaded and empty. The bins are resistant to solvents and oils and are easy to clean.

Louvre panels

Louvre panels are available in wall mounted storage units or double-sided flange racks with castors to create mobile storage trolleys. In addition, the panels allow Stor-Pak bins to hang in custom configurations according to your business’s requirements. The louvre panels also have hooks and hanging accessories available.

The storage bins are available in a range of colours and sizes that easily fit the panel and can be added or removed at any time.

These louvre panels can be used for endless reasons, from storing nuts and bolts, shipping and labelling items, SKUs, and assembly items whenever you need fast access. The low front allows for quick access by your team members and easy identification of when items stocking levels are low.

Stack or Nest Crates

Lightweight and tough, these versatile storage crates stack or nest and are available in six sizes, catering to a diverse range of uses. Manufactured using injection moulding using tough, durable, UV resistant food grade polypropylene, they are strong enough to stand the rigours of a long working life.

These crates can be stacked and nested and are suitable for food handling, spare parts distribution, stockrooms, and general use. The stacking and nesting is designed to save valuable storage space.

The crates have a large area for labelling, smooth hand grips, and a full cover lid system are also available. Available in red, white, blue, or grey. Black crates manufactured with GECA certified recycled plastic are available but are not suitable for food use.

Hot stamping can be organised for businesses requiring their crates to be clearly identified by their company name.

Enviro-skates for the mobility of the crates and streamlining the handling of heavy-weight items.

Contact us to discuss your storage bin and crates requirements.